Celebrating One Year of Spreading Joy with The Tea Club!

It's with immense joy and gratitude that we mark the one-year anniversary of The Tea Club! What an incredible journey it has been - from designing and crafting toys to the hearts of children all around the world. Today, we raise a cup of imaginary tea to toast not only our accomplishments, but also the delightful moments we've shared with you.

As designers, crafting each wooden toy has been a labor of love and a tribute to the creativity that knows no bounds. The hand-drawn cupcake in our post, lovingly adorned with a single candle, is a drawing of our son's little hands and symbolises this remarkable year - a year filled with innovation, growth, and countless smiles.

Over the past year, we've had the privilege of achieving milestones beyond our wildest dreams. From winning awards that recognise our dedication to quality and design, to gracing the pages of international magazines dedicated to kids and even beyond - each recognition has fuelled our passion to continue creating toys that ignite imagination.

The global community that The Tea Club has built is a statement to the power of play. Seeing our toys bring joy to children's faces in all over the world has been an experience that words can hardly capture. your support and love has been the wind beneath our wings, and for that, we are endlessly grateful. As we celebrate this special day, we look back with pride on what we've achieved together. Yet, this is just the beginning. With your continued support, we are excited to embark on another year of innovation, creativity, and spreading joy through The Tea Club. So, here's to the memories we've created, the dreams we've turned into reality, and the future that holds even more promise. Happy First Anniversary to The Tea Club!