We are thrilled to announce that THE TEA CLUB's wooden toys have been selected to be part of the Spring/Summer '24 campaign for Pucci Junior, styled by the renowned Petra Barkhof. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for us, as our toys take center stage in spreading joy and creativity to children everywhere. 

Petra Barkhof's exceptional eye for detail and creativity has brought our wooden wonder to life on the set of Pucci Junior. From Captivating compositions to playful arrangements, her styling has beautifully showcased the essence of our toys, infusing each scene with magic and wonder.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Petra for her brilliant styling and for embracing THE TEA CLUB in this enchanting journey. Her ongoing support and dedication to promoting imaginative play have been invaluable to us.

Join us aw se celebrate the joy of childhood and the power of imagination with THE TEA CLUB and PUCCI JUNIOR.

Photographs by Marco Tassinari